Skill Development

Skills are necessary for modern life. Skills prepare persons for the job market, enabling them to earn their living and mainstreaming them into wider society. In so doing, skills can help build self –esteem and self confidence, and grow social networks leading to a high quality of life.

Skills are primary ingredient for the socio-economic development of a country. With a population of 2.2 billion growing at a rate of 4.19%, skilling of India’s human resource has become a herculean task. Recognizing the urgency of this, the Government of India has established the National Skills Development Corporation with the mandate to develop and support skilling initiatives in India.

The Skills Council for Persons with Disability is working to mainstream disability issues into the broader activities of the National Skills Development Corporation in order to draw in persons with disabilities into the workforce. The trainings are intended to ensure normalization and mainstreaming of young adults with intellectual and developmental challenges into wider society.

Approximately 3 crore persons with challenges of various types, are in the employable age. Sadly, they are constrained to remain poor due to the failure of society to provide opportunities to them to learn and earn. Such youth constitute a neglected and marginalized section of our community, but one whose contributions could change the world. One only need remember the great Stephen Hawking as one example among several.

Alumni from our Skills Development Training batches in 2019-20 and 2020-21 have received placement at Corporate and Mnc were forthcoming in their support. Jobs for which they have been selected include store operations, data entry and packaging.

Meet Kalpana, a home-maker from Burari village, Delhi, never thought life would give her another chance. She was living a normal life, with a meagre income of Rs 5,000-6,500, the chances to break free from the monotony seemed bleak.

Back in her school days when she was in class 8, she got a diploma on sewing. But never after that did she get any prospect to continue with her passion. After many years of waiting, finally an opportunity came her way and she got another chance of reviving her skill by joining Dr M Chandrasekhar International Foundation skill development program.

This was an opportune moment for her and she delivered her best. She became the topper of her batch and Dr M Chandrasekhar International Foundation  rewarded her efforts by gifting her with a sewing machine and a course completion certificate. This brought a new ray of hope in her life.

Thereon, she started her own tailoring work shop. Her newly acquired skills & enthusiasm got her to increase her family income two-folds. Not only is her husband supportive and proud of her independence, she is also able to accomplish her dream to educate her two daughters, and see them succeed. It’s not just the skill, but the mind-set change that help Kalpana achieve her goals and follow her passion.

If you are a parent/ caregiver looking for skills development training for your child or an inclusive employer willing to employ young adults with unique capabilities, Team Dr M Chandrasekhar International Foundation looks forward to hearing from you!

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